Purchase a Husqvarna product, totalling less than $1500, and choose 12 months, no payments, no interest. The non taxable fee for this plan is $79.99. 

This deal is great if you need a tool now, and cant pay until later. 

 Always 0%

We make financing a simple process.

The application and approval process only takes an average of 3 minutes. 

​Financing is available on all Husqvarna equipment, with different terms depending on the dollar amount. 

Purchases under $1500

Purchases over $1500



Purchase 1, or multiple Husqvarna products, totalling more than $1500, and take advantage of 0% interest for 36 equal months, with no penalty to pay early.

Fee is $2.99, non taxable a month for purchases under $5000. Purchases over $5000, pay a fee of $4.99 non taxable.